What we’ve done

Discover eLearning UK

Discover eLearning UK is a small business based in Newcastle upon Tyne. They specialise in writing learning management systems (LMS), which allow firms to include bespoke online courses on their own website or intranet for clients or staff.

Content North East have been working with Discover eLearning since 2015, writing blog posts and articles aimed at both potential clients and industry insiders.

Chris Hodgson, owner of Discover eLearning UK, said: “The best thing about working with David is that he is very approachable with any form of content writing task.

“Sometimes our clients demand high levels of research and fact-checked knowledge to be used within their learning content, and Content North East are capable of meeting that level of demand every time. For our own marketing needs, I don’t think that we would have the regional foothold that we celebrate today without the business support offered by David.”

According to eLearning Industry’s analytics, the article ‘4 Tips to Create High Quality Content in eLearning‘ gained traction by being shared 149 times with 501 views worldwide. This exposure within the industry has won Discover eLearning clients all the way from their native Newcastle, to Holland and the United States.

Frenchgate 29

Established in 2012, Frenchgate 29 has become one of the most popular and highly rated bistros in Richmond, North Yorkshire. When approaching their first anniversary in business, the owners decided that they wanted to publicise their celebrations to their customers via the local press. They asked David from Content North East to write a press release.

Vicky Booth, co-owner of Frenchgate 29, said: “David was so helpful and more than willing to write a press release for us. He came to us to interview us, and even took pictures that would help us to be published.”

The press release was written as a ready-made news story adhering to the Guardian style guide requiring little to no sub-editing. It was published by The Northern Echo shortly after submission, successfully promoting the events that were to be held at Frenchgate 29. The owners of are now looking forward to their fifth anniversary next year.

Charity Football Teesside

Charity Football Teesside is a non-profit organisation set up in 2016. Its aim is to raise money for the Sick Children’s Trust and the Children’s Heart Unit Fund, after founder Lee Morris’ daughter was helped by those charities when she needed an important operation as a baby.

Lee held his first charity event in May, which was family fun day including a sponsored football match followed by a raffle, stalls, live music and children’s rides. Lee asked Content North East to proofread and rewrite the programme that would be used to promote the day.

He said: “I knew what I wanted to be in the programme and came up with a rough draft, but I wanted it to be of a professional standard. That’s why I asked David, as I knew he was a qualified journalist who’d been published numerous times.

“He went the extra mile, fact-checking every detail in the programme from the stadium’s sponsor to the spelling of the players’ surnames! I was really impressed.”


As a consumer-to-consumer auction website aimed at students looking to trade textbooks, Unibookclub won the top prize at Venturefest Yorkshire at the 2009 Regional Enterprise Awards. David from Content North East was asked to write the website’s content with a very specific brief in mind.

Paul Rossington, director of Unibookclub, said: “We needed David to write our content in a light-hearted, informal style that we felt would appeal to students of all ages. He got it absolutely spot on and really matched the tone of what we were trying to achieve.

“The whole ethos of Unibookclub was that we didn’t take ourselves too seriously and wanted to help people out rather than just care about making a profit. David wrote the site’s content from the point of view of a ‘mate’ instead of just another anonymous voiceover, and it was so effective we asked him to write a regular column to promote special offers and free gifts to members.”